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910 How to use Program terminated during recording. Can I recover the file I was recording? 4,149
892 Licenses & policy If you registered Full version but run as Free version after OS reinstallation 4,363
889 Licenses & policy I lost my License Key. How can I find it? 3,497
886 Features & Functions In case the recorded game video file has incorrect audio and video sync, lags while playing, etc. 3,477
883 How to use How do I hide the Usage Guide when I run a program? 3,593
879 Others What are the differences between the Free version and the Full version? 12,740
878 How to use My email address has changed and what should I do? 3,064
877 Licenses & policy Can I use a license in multiple PCs? 2,868
876 Licenses & policy If I re-authorize my license in another PC, can I use my license in the formerly authorized PC as well? 2,709
875 Licenses & policy I bought a new PC and how can I transfer my license? 3,093
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