In case the recorded game video file has incorrect audio and video sync, lags while playing, etc.

Views: 3,476 Date: 2016. 11. 14

GOM Cam’s recording feature, especially game recording, is affected by system performance.


First, please check GOM Cam’s minimum system requirement, and read the below instructions.


>> See the System Requirements



1. Low performance CPU or Graphics card


GOM Cam utilizes hardware acceleration encoding technique using CPU or graphics card.

It would be best if both CPU and graphics card have high performance, but if either one of them can perform hardware acceleration, the recorded video quality would not be significantly affected.


But if both CPU and graphics card have low performance, because hardware acceleration cannot be used, recorded video resolution might fall when playing games with high graphics. (In such cases, software encoding technique is used.)


In this case, a system upgrade or lowering the video bitrate, referring to clause 2 below, is recommended.



2. Changing video bitrate


Video bitrate can be selected between general screen recording and game recording in GOM Cam settings, and the bitrate default value for game recording is 20,000.


Lowering this to 2,000 can fix incorrect audio and video sync, lags, etc.


However, please note that video resolution may fall when such settings are selected.