>> Game Recording Window

Game Recording is a function that enables recording of the screen of an online game or a program that is based on Direct X/Open GL. After selecting the Game Recording menu, click the game window to be recorded. The program will automatically check if recording is possible in the game mode, and then notify you of the result.

Basic guide

1. Select Game Window
Click with the mouse the game window to be recorded.
2. Checking of if Recording is Possible
The program will automatically check if the selected game window can be recorded.
3. Enabling of Recording Functions
If the game window can be recorded, all the functions including the [Start recording] button will be enabled.
To start recording, click the [Start recording] button or press the hot key set to start recording.


1. Display / Remove FPS
The FPS is displayed on the game screen and is displayed identically on the recording as well.
2. Game detection Lock / Unlock
This allows the detected state to remain when you click somewhere else while playing a game. If you suddenly need to start the recording while you are working on other tasks and the detection status is locked, there is no need to click the game window again. Click the 'Start Recording' button in the recording window or press the hot key. Recording will start immediately.