Version History

Version Description
    • Fixed a problem that the drawing tool is not used properly when recording to full screen
    • Fixed a problem where the video 'Keep original size' option does not work properly
    • Added image automatic scrolling capture
    • Added format of the audio extraction file
    • Added option to hide toolbar when recording started
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Fixed hot key error
    • Fixed the error that audio recording got cut off when pausing it
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed

    v.2.0 Upgrade version released


    • A completely new design

    • Added video editor

    • Added audio extraction

    • Added continuous image capture

    • Added GIF Animation capture

    • Added multiple schedule recording

    • Added file search through tag(keyword) setting

    • Added feature tutorials

    • Keep useful contents on board constantly
    • Add process to check Quick Sync Encoder
    • Minor bugs fixed
    • Up to 20 minutes free recording available
    • Add email confirmation step to coupon registration
    • Fixed part of the installer
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Removed watermark in Free version
    • Edited some things of the game recording
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Added Lecture recording
    • Added automatic detection lock/unlock function for Game recording
    • Added an option to keep the ratio of the original image in the Effect settings
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
    • Improved the unnatural phenomenon of recorded video when recording with high CPU usage
    • Added option to select the action of screen recording button
    • Added option to remember last recording area
    • Improved Effects settings/Preview usability
    • Minor improvements and bugs fixed
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